Client Testimonials

“Bravo for CORE Pilates! I have been a loyal client since Erin opened the studio. CORE’s instructors are amazing, awesome, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. They keep me strong and healthy. CORE Pilates is my favorite place to be!”
-Karen S. (60+)

“Samantha is the best!  She really helped me to get movement into my lower back again, as it was always tight and overworked.  I’ve learned to use other muscles in my body instead.  She’s got the best attitude that motivates me to keep going even when I don’t want to.  Pilates is a great workout and the best part is there’s more than just a mat!”
-Beth C.

“Prior to joining CORE Pilates I was struggling to recover from two hip surgeries in 18 months. I decided to try CORE after months of Physical Therapy, and I immediately began to see great results. Core’s dedicated team has helped me in achieving my goals, and often makes you feel as though you have a team of personal trainers.”
-Mike M. 

“Pilates has been a gift and a new lease on life.”
-Sharon C.

“I have many favorite things about my hours spent at Core, although the most prominent is that each day I come in is treated like the first. The moments spent taking stock of my body and skeletal position and individualizing the days workout accordingly makes every effort feel more worthwhile. And I always feel taller, longer & leaner when I leave.”
-Mom of 4, Teton Village

“Since beginning my Pilates journey (that’s PIE LATTES, right?) I have a new sense of my body and how it works or doesn’t.  Pilates centers me… I can put on a shoe without leaning on the wall now! Thank you!”
-Mickey B.

“The instructors at CORE are very knowledgable and professional. They also care that everyone gets the most out of the [group] classes, so will give you tips during class to help you do the exercises correctly. I always feel taller and stronger after Pilates Mat Class at CORE. It’s an important part of my life!”
-CORE Client since 2012