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    Jess McMillan is a superstar. When she is not in the studio, she can be found ripping ski slopes around the world, with the Warren Miller cameramen trying to keep up. Jess brings an athlete perspective to the studio and is a walking example of how Pilates can help balance out our bodies after a hard season of mountain sports. We often wonder how we got so lucky to have such a talented athlete teaching at our studio.

    “Over the years everyone has called skiers athletes. But big mountain skiers don’t typically train like world cup ski racers, and at the time I wasn’t training that way either. I decided that if I was going to call myself an athlete and allow others to call me an athlete, I wanted to be an athlete. The training has made me feel more like an athlete mentally and physically.” -2013 Freeskier Magazine Backcountry Issue 

    Q&A with Jess McMillan

    What are some of your favorite Pilates exercises?

    Tower on the Cadillac, Up Stretch 3 on the Reformer, Abdominals on the Mat, Standing Lunge on the Chair

    Why do you live in Jackson?

    Every morning when I wake up and see the Tetons, I feel like the luckiest girl alive.  Jackson has the best skiing in the lower 48 as well as amazing hiking, climbing, biking, water skiing, and people.  Sometimes I think the Tetons act as a fountain of youth for the residents of Jackson.  I am inspired everyday by the people of Jackson Hole.

    If you have an hour to yourself, what would we find you doing?

    Running by the Snake River, hiking the local hill-Snow King, or mountain biking.

    Why your classes are unique?

    My main focus during a Pilates class is form.  As an athlete, I constantly strive to master whatever I am doing.  Pilates is the same way for me. Pilates has changed my life.  I feel stronger, more balanced, and have better over-all well being.

    Jess is back for the summer and ready to train new and old CORE clients. Please call the studio to get into one of her reformer classes or drop in to any of the following:

    • Monday: 3:00pm equipment class, 5:30pm yogalaties
    • Tuesday: 5:30pm equipment class
    • Wednesday: 12:10pm mat class, 3:00pm equipment class
    • Thursday: 5:30pm equipment class
    • Friday: 12:10pm mat class, 3:00pm equipment class

    How to keep up with Jess’s activities:

    Jess ripping: http://vimeo.com/20622347#

    Jess’s photos: instagram: jmcmillan

    Jess’s website: http://www.jessmcmillan.com

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